Science Fair Impression

Yesterday, the 27th of October, the Science Fair took place at the faculty of Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Delft. At this event we presented our 4 week project on developing a general extracellular matrix of ear cartilage.SmallMG_4782Above you see a picture of the team members and our PHD coach. From left to right: Patrick Sengalrayan, Feline Hunink, Dafydd Visscher, Jelmer van de Scheur and Femke Maas. Unfortunately Ennio Donders couldn’t be present.smallIMG_4743

Most important was our final model, which was also 3D printed with a Gypson printer (left image).  Furthermore we showed a prototype before the final model (right image) which was a simplified print because the CAD models couldn’t handle the complex inital models. SmallIMG_4791SmallIMG_4786

We finished our project by writing a manual (see also the visual below) on how to create such an extended general extracellular model for ear cartilage, so they can use it also for other bone or cartilage types. Our model will be printed by an american company who can print on a mirco-scale (the above models for example were scaled from 5 mm to 30 cm so they were easy to present) in both collagen as pcl. Afterwards cells are grown in a lab and inserted in the lagunes.smallStappenplan

Our process went well but it also had some difficulties which we could solve eventually. You can read and see more about our process in our reflection on the project.

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